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At Avec Plaisirs Caterer, we plan for you your business lunches, your office meals and receptions. We know time is precious, so we do everything we can to simplify your life: a variety of fresh meals and buffets, consultants who take care of every last detail, and guaranteed on time delivery in the Greater Montreal area, including Laval. And we do it with a smile!
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Avec Plaisir - Nouvelle
New Delivery Cost
We are proud to deliver your orders for $28,00 in two new areas: West of Montreal and Near Montreal Area. For more details about our delivery cost, visit the Additional Information page.
Avec Plaisir - Nouvelle
Light Budget?
We present our new BENTO! Stylish, compact, tasty and healthy!
Two salads, two sandwiches and a choice of cheddar or Sweets for $ 16.45 per guest (no minimum guests).
Choose our options at less than $16/guest! The Lunch bag or the Bento (individual menus) or The Classical,the Express or the Thematic (buffet menus).